Perfect refreshment
at your fingertips

We will make you happy with the fact that we have included in our rich offer of coffee also the Drive Cafe Ice Coffee.

Iced coffee has won the hearts of coffee lovers around the world, but this beverage, with its specific taste, has actually created many new coffee lovers.

Whether prepared on traditional way or in the process of cold fermentation, iced coffee is always served cold.

100% Arabica and fresh milk

Drive Cafe Ice coffee contains 100% arabica – the most famous coffee variety in the world, and fresh milk that makes Drive Cafe iced coffee a drinkable and creamy adventure for all the senses. You can find it at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom petrol stations.

Two types for more enjoyment

Drive Cafe Cappuccino gives you the perfect refreshment with the recognizable taste and power of espresso coffee combined with rich milk foam.

The creamy and milky structure of Drive Cafe Caffè Latte provides an extraordinary feeling of freshness, and its delicate aroma and rich taste make it an irresistible choice during hot days.

Whichever choice you make, a top combination of 100% Arabica and fresh milk awaits you, awakening all your senses.

coffee cup

Drive Cafe Ice Coffee

coffee cup

Drive Cafe Ice Coffee
Caffè Latte

Whether you are on a break at our petrol stations or planning to grab a refreshment and continue your journey right away, right choice is Drive Cafe Ice Coffee.